Amberwoods as The Vendettas

April 1965 at Dewsbury Playhouse

Amberwoods at the back

Brian Hey: Roger Armitage: Godfrey Pattinson: Roger Tomlinson

The Amberwoods were formed in Ossett.
Decked out in blue cardigans they comprised of Steve Mounsey guitar, Brian Hey guitar, Roger Tomlinson bass guitar,
Roger Armitage drums and Neil Newsome vocals.
Late in 1964 the singer left and was replaced by Godfrey Pattinson from Ravensthorpe.
They played a variety of places including working mens clubs, dances and youth clubs like the Ossett Community Centre.
Some of the songs they performed included Wipe Out, Bo Diddley, Sweet Little Sixteen, l'm A Man, Peggy Sue Got Married,
Til There Was You, Lucille, Money and Farmer John.
ln April of 1965 Steve Mounsey left the band but they carried on and played a date at the ABC Minors show at the Playhouse Cinema Dewsbury.
The photo seems to be the only one of the group minus Steve Mounsey. At the same time they changed the name to the Vendettas.
ater on they called it a day.
The members joined other groups like Mo and The Rockits who are currently featured on Roll Back The Years.

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