Sons and Lovers

Hiya Pete
Came across your site by sheer accident ...BRILLIANT... can you remember a band from Nottingham called SONS and LOVERS ???? my relation went out with the singer [by the way I'm from Askern Doncaster] and round about 68 ish she got them to do a gig at our local village hall ..they were a really good band ..They released a couple of singles the first being YOURE READY NOW would av charted but Frankie Vallie put it out and he got more air play hence a hit for him ...about 7 yrs ago i put a message on teletxt channel 4 asking for any info on the band and a guy from Nottingham got in touch with me and sent me a dble cd of their recordings ..pity they didnt make it big the cds are really good ..anyway thanx for a good read and bringing back some good memories ..before I sign off, in 65 to 68 I was singer in a band called THE BLUEBEATS ...did pubs and working mens clubs , had a good following at the time ..did middle of road stuff but if we did pubs in Doncaster we did Stones, Yardbirds, Pretty Things etc ....Take care mate

John Lancaster




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