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roll back the years a web site by pete bradley from nottingham
to display all those who played in groups

roll back the years to display pop groups of the past with bands and pop groups of the past who never quite made the big time

at the time of publishing this page roll back the years has got information on global village, a band of the late sixties who were the brainchild of bill nelson who went on to do much greater things. hot fish yoghurt a group with a strange name from the nineties playing covers. midnight express another nineties group gigging at pubs and clubs around the midlands of the uk.

mysty dgynn another strange name from an earlier time, the sixties in fact. fourth dimension a sixties pop group. xenophon a college band from ilkeston who it seems played many popcovers of the time which was probably sixties. flash packet a different kind of band altogether and electric folk group playing music for celidhs and barn dances. sammy king and the voltaires a really good sixties group who had some minor recording success. ronnie storm and the stormbeats from wakefield west yorkshire early sixties exciting music. rockface who played quality live music at pubs and clubs of the uk midlands during the eighties.

much lessinformation on this next set vince webb and the fontanas, jenny and the footsteps a group with a girl singer two guitars bass and drums. zacariah a band of the seventies from nottingham uk. origators creed a loud fuzz box orientated group from the north of england. zany woodruff operation a hammond organ band in the sixties who later on became museum with world renowned guitarist alan holdsworth. the outcasts from normanton uk , dave plum and the stones, peppers, the trevels.....the list goes on and of course we want it to.

Here are some more we've tracked down but you could add to your input if you've got anything Joan Burnley-Rikki and the Ravers-Billy Campbell and the Mighty Sparrows - Cindy Ann Lee - Ellison's Hog Line - Funhouse - Inner Mind - Kingpins - Ladylillers - Midnight Train - Mo and the Rockets - Moldy Warp - Obo - Origators Creed - Ragamuffin - Senators - Skin Deep - Spiral Highway - Crawdaddies - Fairy Tales - Sons of Adam - Storms - Strays - The Victors - The Whales - Whisky Mac

pete bradley midnight express

zacariah live at the nottingham boat club poster
fourth dimension 1967
rockface publicity photo

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Zacariah steve musgrove malc pepper colin ellington edd dowling

hot fish yoghurt with richard glover craig wootton pete bennett craig phililps

ronnie storm and the stormbeats johnny welsby bob goldthorpe bob shaw dave wilkins

fourth dimension wakefield rocks the joint

global village led by the vituoso bill nelson al quinn bryan holden

mysty dgynn playing much wierder stuff ian bowden derek ferguson mick campy

xenophon of ilkeston martin hall chris niblock frank bacon

spiral highway bradford uk recording at holyground wakefield

storms from ilkeston john greatorex alan davis dave grainger dave shooter bullet dave chick hicking

flash packet terry paling martin hall dave hughes andy terry

me pete bradley author of roll back the years


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