hot fish yoghurt with richard glover vocals craig wootton guitar pete bennett bass uncle pete craig philips drums

hot fish yoghurt hot fish yoghurt hot fish yoghurt hot fish yoghurt hot fish yoghurt hot fish yoghurt

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Richard Glover (Vocals)

Craig Wootton (Guitar)

Pete Bennett/ Uncle Pete (Bass Guitar)

Craig Philips (Drums)

Covers band that spent more time drinking than actually rehearsing. Played a little bit of everything from Nirvana to Cream to Ugly Kid Joe. A great time was had by all until love reared its ugly head and the rest as they say is now history.

The band were infamous for their gigs at a social club next door to student nurse residences and it has to be said that on these occasions a good night was had by all.

Although we never actually reached the musical heights we had all aspired to, it never stopped us believing at least in our own heads that we were already there.

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