Hi, Terry here, I was a member of `The Caldaires` group in the 1960`s, here is a brief history of the band and it`s members.
The Caldaires were a band from Castleford and performed in clubs throughout England and Wales, though mainly throughout Yorkshire and surrounding counties from the mid 60`s to early 1972. The founder members were, Terry Clark (lead guitar, vocal), Ken Northern (rhythm guitar, vocal), Roy Hodgson (bass guitar, vocal) and Billy Pool (drums, vocal). After a short time the band was augmented by Pete Davis (vocal) who had been a member of the original band of the same name.
This line up continued until May 1968 when Roy Hodgson was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. This meant that for a short time that firstly Terry then Ken stood in on bass guitar until Roy`s replacement, Dave Stead who had been a member of local band `The Nu-Tones` was free to join the band. A couple of years later Pete left the band at which time Dave took over lead vocal duties. In 1971 Ken left the band and was replaced for a short time by Dave`s friend Mick Robson who had been a member of Gerry B and the Rockerfellas. The band continued until early 1972 at which time they decided to call it a day. Terry has been a member of `Sixties Mix` group since 1986.
like most of the other bands on this site we were just a bunch of friends who wanted to make music performing the hits of the day. We had some incredible never to be forgotten times together along with tragedy with the sad loss of Roy. I can confidently speak on behalf of the band in saying that we wouldn`t have missed those times we shared together for the world.


The original line up L/R Ken, Pete, Billy, Terry, Roy. I believe this was taken on stage at Castleford Rectory Club in 1967

The band performing live at `The Rectory Club, again in 1967

again from 1967 this was taken beside the river Aire at Ferrybridge L /R Billy, Terry, Pete, Roy and Ken

This picture was taken in Thornes Park Wakefield shortly after Dave Stead joined the band in 1968. L /R Dave, Pete,Ken,Billy, Terry

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