most wanted poster

the most wanted poster is a list of groups we are looking for and some we have found

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here's a list that I started off
if you would like to add to it e-mail


4th Dimension - Pete Ian Bowden Derek FergusonMick Campy

Rockface - play quality live music - .MP3

Global Village - Bill Nelson, Al Quinn, Bryan Holden

Midnight Express - randall lewis alan johnston martin hall jamie scott joe sulley brian randal.MP3

Hot Fish Yoghurt - don't ask, I don't know richard glover craig wootton pete bennett craig philips.MP3

Flash Packet - Terry Paling, Martin Hall, Dave Hughes, Pete Bradley and later on Andy Terry.MP3

Xenophon - college band martin hall frank bacon chris niblock harry hall phil eaton

Mysty Dgynn - wierder stuff, beautiful sounds

Spiral Highway - Ade (guitar), John Shephard(drums), anyone else ?

Zacariah - Steve Musgrove malc pepper colin eddington edd dowling .MP3

The Storms - John Greatorex, Dave Hicking, Dave Shooter, Dave Grainger, Alan Davis

Ronnie Storm and the Stormbeats - Ronnie Storm, Johnny Welsby, Bob Goldthorpe, Bob Shaw, Dave Wilkins

Sammy King and the Voltaires -Sammy King lead singer Colin Merchant drummer had a minor hit with 'Rag Doll' a Four Seasons cover

Ellison's Hog Line - a real powerful soul band - Nelson Fletcher (singer), Allen Pyrah(guitar), Brian Duffissey(bass), Eric Robinson(drums), Brain Ellison (tenor), Keith Barker(baritone)

The Zany Woodruff Operation - everyone

Dave Plumb and the Stones - some info.

still looking for
Vince Webb and the Fontanas - Vince Webb, Pete Myers, anyone else?

Jenny and the Footsteps -Jenny, Pete Weston (drummer), Colin (rhythm guitar), anyone else?

Origators Creed - 60s loud group from around the Doncaster area ( I think) anybody at all ?

The Outcasts - Mick (singer), Mick Birstall (drummer), Bernard (guitar) anyone else?

Peppers - Tony Jay (singer), Boz (drummer), Gaff (bass player), anyone else?

Mo and the Rockets - anyone ?

The Whales - anyone ?

The Crawdaddies - a blues band

The Strays - anyone ?

The Trevels - Trevor Bell, Graham Morris, Norman Trevellion, Morris ?, Eddie Holland and a blistering girl singer, who was she?


if you have any more
sound clips
anything else

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