Me Pete Bradley
author of roll back the years

Well it's me Pete Bradley
and since the early sixties I've played in groups of one kind or another and I'm still doing it (pete bradley, "sad old git" did I hear you say ! )
most of which I've got nothing to remember them by except for the stuff in my head.
Sometimes I wonder if other people who were involved at the time would remember things as I did.
You know, the passage of time and all that stuff, how it clouds the memory and enhances the recollections !
Well I never made it with any band and I thought there must be thousands of us out there somewhere and it'd be just great if we could get all our memories and stories together, there must be pictures maybe even a few tracks.
Then I had the idea for Roll back The Years

Then I wondered how to do it and when I bought a computer the answer was spinning it's hard disk right next to me.
So I've had a go at this web site thing. I'm not sure how it works but it's quite good fun and sometimes quite exasperating.
pete bradley 2003

1969, possibly,
and no we don't want one thanks!
pete bradley
pete bradley
pete bradley with gobal village

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cor!! it's pete bradley